Dedicated Hosting

Our hosting solution is made up of a number of options covering a client's planned growth. We offer the following features on a ranging SLA (service level agreement) from 97% through to 99.999%:

  • Dedicated server configurations
  • Co-located servers managed on behalf of our clients
  • Cloud-based delivery through:
    • our RightScale managed auto-scaling Amazon AWS infrastructure
    • and also through our purpose built Rackspace Hybrid Cloud
  • Complex hybrid combinations with elements all listed here, enabling new facilities such as failover dark-sites
  • Consultancy service for 3rd party providers such as Fasthosts, Webfusion, Bytemark, Memset and NuBlue

Our expertise in managed Linux environments means that we can offer hosting for practically any project, and we use our experience in such environments to give our clients the best possible service.

Hardware configuration and structure has several key elements to support web delivery. Critical issues are speed and security: we employ the following hardware to achieve our target.

  • Hardware Firewall - as the frontline defence this is responsible for enumeration of incoming data
  • Caching Proxy - this receives the bulk of the web requests, delivering images and full-page content
  • Web Server - running Apache and PHP, this processes the web application requests only when the caching proxy can't
  • SQL Firewall - this provides a low-level check on queries to the database, checking for SQL injection amongst many items
  • Database Server - this is a tuned MySQL server providing data storage for all Joomla! content and Magento Products.

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