Dedicated and cloud services, from numerous World-wide data-centres with the highest level of service.


By leveraging the scalability of cloud we can offer packages to our clients that best suit their initial position, then with their own growth they can invest more into infrastructure. Our aim is to adjust our hosting strategy to enable us to provide "pay as you grow" services by offering tailored cloud delivery.

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For high demand and intensity services our Dedicated Hosting provides full access to server resources for a single customer to use as required. We can install and maintain any software you need and even deploy your projects to it, or if required we can hand over full control to you.

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We can build, test, deploy and manage applications and services on to Microsoft Azure servers. Start-ups, governments, and 90% of Fortune 500 businesses run on the Microsoft servers as it has the ability to quickly provision resources without the costly and labour intensive task of building your own data-centres.

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Helping customers of all sizes design, build, migrate and manage their websites and services on to AWS. AWS is Amazons on-demand cloud computing platform for individuals, companies and governments, it has the maximum up-time from a proven services provider and can grow with a project’s need.

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