Shopify and ShopifyPlus


Very similar functionality to Magento Community Edition, but licenced on a monthly basis as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that is chargeable on a monthly basis starting with a basic package of $29 up to a more advanced solution at $299. Shopify users also incur payment gateway fees on any purchases and again fluctuate depending on the chosen package and scale of business. 

Juicy Media can tailor your basic Shopify templates to get the very best out of them and help to increase your ROI.

Read more about the basic Shopify account here


ShopifyPlus is the enterprise eCommerce software that is similia to Magento Enterprise and has been growing rapidly worldwide providing previously unseen levels of eCommerce functionality for retailers straight “out of the box”. This is not be confused with the entry level Shopify.

It’s also a Full SAS solution meaning that in your monthly fee everything is included, licence fees, security updates/patches and scaleable ultrafast hosting. This means any costs associated with your ShopifyPus are solely marketing driven.With no other unbudgeted surprises.

ShopifyPLus, is for the more heavily weight build and clients, with it's basic licence

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