We offer fully-managed creation, design, build, installation, population, maintenance, and secure hosting.


All of our developers are fully versed in these 3 core web technologies and can create and manage projects using them. HTML is the language used for creating the basic structure of web content. CSS is used to control how that content should be presented, formatted and laid out, and JS allows you to make these elements interactive by dynamically manipulating how these elements behave inside the users browser.

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We have created a number of complex websites and applications using PHP. These include corporate websites, e-commerce solutions, portals and more. PHP is the fundamental server side scripting language and is also open source, making it a great choice for development.

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Our developers in Zend Framework can work with existing projects or create projects from scratch. Zend Framework is focused on building secure, reliable, and modern web applications and services, its raw power and extensive feature set make it suitable for building highly scalable and complex projects.

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Juicys Development team have used Laravel to create production quality applications for the web that are well structured, easy to maintain, scalable and secure. Laravel can create bespoke web portals, custom e-commerce solutions, be used to build solid API infrastructures and so much more.

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We develop a lot of projects using the Symphony framework, it's famous for its simplicity and has a huge support and developer network. As it's compliant with most platforms, libraries, infrastructure and methods this allows it to deliver projects that can be maintained long-term.

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