Visual & Graphic Design

Visual Design Services

Often gets confused with brand and identity design, here at Juicy we define the visual design by creating a style and voice that creates the initial concepts.

Best described as a hybrid between Graphic and User Interaction Designers but with a whole lot more in-between.

Our visual designers understand all techniques and disciplines of UX, UI and web design.

Liaising with the front-end developers our visual designers proactively instil good practice into our web layouts, user interface designs and responsive layouts.

If your not sure where to start or just need some advice about your next project speak to us today!

Graphic Design Services

With Juicy we see this slightly differently than most, as such we believe our Graphic Designers understand the fundamentals of design in general, such as; colour spectrums, typography usage, white space and screen padding.

By combing this with our visual design team we can create amazing, usable websites and systems that will be in awe of your competition.

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