Creating eye catching Visual and Graphic Design for both digital and traditional media.

Visual & Graphic Design

Focusing on the aesthetics of a piece of work, Visual Design such as Web Design is the process of strategically implementing images, colors, fonts, and other elements. This enhances a websites content by making it more engaging. Graphic design is the creation of elements such as logos, advertisements and single elements that may make up a Visual Design or be used on their own.

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Brand Identities

Brand Identities are the guidelines for what a companies products or services should convey. Providing consistency, they help to build relationships and reputations with customers by showing your core qualities and helping them to associate a new product or service with ones that are already established.

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User Interface (UI)

User interface design or engineering focuses on anticipating what users will need to do to achieve their goals on a digital product or service. This could be navigation, input fields for data collection and informational components such as notifications, progress bars, icons etc. Good UI should be easy to access, use and understand.

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User Experience (UX)

User Experience makes sure the users of your product or service find value in what you are providing them. Focusing on what your users need, their abilities and limitations. Good User Experience aims to improve the users interaction and perceptions of your product or service.

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Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics allow greater communication than still images and photos. They use animation, graphic design and video to express ideas and convey emotion while typically not being character driven or story based.

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