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Another long-standing CRM that has been in continuous development for the last fourteen years. With over two million users worldwide and increasing if your looking for an alternative to Salesforce and want a CRM that is innovative and continually being adopted and updated SugarCRM is the one for you.

In a similar style to salesforce its possible to integrate into all the usual web platforms to save a lead generation and customer data. With many new features always being released SugarCRM is always innovating which is why we like it so much. 



In the early days of SugarCRM they released an open-source variation of the SugarCRM that was free to download, customise and use. Although not as feature rich as the latest versions of SugarCRM it was free! and off-the-shelf a very compelling system to start from and customise to suit your exacting business needs. 

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Juicy Media have extensive experience on both systems. 

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