Salesforce - Customer Relationship Managment System or CRMs for short.

Probably one of the longest going CRM solutions in use today, it has hugely evolved over time and is seen as one of the industries leading CRM platforms in use today. Intergrateable into any online and accountancy system with many standard off-the-shelf plugins for the more generic uses. 

Here at Juicy Media, we have integrated many client systems into Salesforce such as: 

  • Magento Salesforce Integration. Customer data captured from the basket page on submission of an order. Also dropped baskets, the customers that didn't quite make it through the full checkout and the more standard "Contact Us" form collections. 
  • Joomla! Saleforce Integration. Using the salesforce's forms we can deep link the contact forms throughout the site to ensure that a user's journey always takes the user to a Salesforce lead capture form.  
  • WordPress Salesforce Integration. By using the Salefroce lead capture forms its possible to gather all the details of the user throughout their journey, partial form data collection is also achievable and with the use of browser Cookies it's possible to save partial form entities and collect the remaining data on the users next return.

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