Concrete5 CMS

Is a heavily customisable CMS that is written in, yes you guessed it “PHP”. Provided under the MIT License, you can literally do anything you want with it. Meaning it’s a great CMS platform to build any web-based project in.

We tend to use Concrete5 over WordPress and Joomla, when the client wants to be a little more hands-on with updates, edits and generally want to get their hands dirty with actually working with their web presence.

Although from a developers point of view, it isn’t as easy to develop with as some of the more frequently used and traditional open-source CMS’s but once you understand the core code and how the template is created it really is a very compelling CMS.

From a administers view, i.e. the client, it has a very intuitive almost real-time in page editing capability so makes for easy edits, updates and image changes.

We’ve used Concrete5 for websites, intranets and the basis for complete custom bespoke web-based systems.


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