We are Barclaycard's trusted partners

Juicy Media have been engaged with Barclaycard since the conception of the first ePDQ extension for the community edition of Magento 1.4, released in March 2011.
Since its release, the Juicy Media Barclaycard ePDQ extension has had over 5,000 downloads and has been continually updated to support the ever-expanding Magento Open-Source community. 

In partnership with Juicy Media the plan is to build a replacement extension for Magento 2 CE and Enterprise platforms. This will be designed to embrace all the latest functionality from the Barclaycard FlexCheckout and SmartPay, to ensure that a reliable, credible and supported payment gateway extension is offered to existing and future clients.


The Result

Working closely with Barclaycard and utilising the official ePDQ CPI (simple end-to-end solution) development guide we brought to market a world class security compliant extension that is PCI compliant to the delight of a number of ePDQ store owners within the Magento community in a relatively short development time frame.

- Accepts all major credit/debit cards
- Custom payment pages
- Increased security – reduced risk
- Fraud prevention
- Magento compatible from –

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