13:04 | 10/12/15


As you may know already, we at Juicy Media are massively into our Star Wars! Which is why I had the opportunity to attend the “For the love of the Force” convention last weekend at Bowlers Exhibition Centre, which I must say was truly spectacular.… Read more

13:15 | 22/06/15

Magento Extension – Barclaycard ePDQ Payment Gateway

If you’re using an eCommerce platform like Magento, the most important thing to you is probably sales. To make sales, you need to have a robust, clean and easy to use payment gateway solution which usually cost a fair chunk of cash.… Read more

13:19 | 09/06/15

Smarter Working showcase in The Guardian

We were recently featured in an article on as an example of Smarter Working in small businesses.The article outlines the dramatic shift in the way that Juicy Media now operates… Read more

13:21 | 24/04/15

Magento Extension – GeoIP Currency/Store Switcher

A common feature that clients ask for is for their website to have the ability to automatically switch currencies or language based on the users visiting location.To meet this requirement, we decided… Read more

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