Glancy Fawcett

15:02 | 22/08/18

Glancy Fawcett's website was developed using WordPress, a Content Management System which allows the client to write and manage their own content using an easy-to-use interface. Glancy Fawcett wanted to be able to create unique and stylish pages without any assistance from Juicy. As WordPress' content editor was limited in its abilities, and the new WordPress Gutenberg editor wasn't ready at the time, we opted to use Visual Composer as the page builder for their website. Visual Composer allows them to arrange their pages as they like using a drag and drop interface, and use more interactive elements on their pages, like sliders, brand carousels, testimonial blocks, and more. 

The website is completely mobile responsive, serving the same version of the site regardless of device or screen size, with a design which changes and adapts to the device. Yoast SEO is used to ensure the website provides relevant information to search engines to increase visibility, without any effort required by the client. As a result of this, Google Lighthouse rates the SEO of Glancy Fawcett's website at 100.

Juicy Media also developed a new plugin used on Glancy Fawcett's WordPress. The plugin extends the functionality of the widely used Contact Form 7 plugin to pass any form submissions to a CRM. In this instance, the plugin is used to send the contact form submissions to Glancy Fawcett's SuiteCRM-based CRM, which Juicy also developed for them. 

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