15:00 | 27/02/18

Specialising in designing, printing and the manufacturing of exterior and interior signs, banners, posters and displays, using the latest in digital sign making equipment, Catersigns have been catering to all your signage needs since 2008. Their team has a combined experience of 21+ years in the sign and display industry.

The site was beginning to show its age and we were tasked with a complete overhaul of the site, including full re-brand and fully customised Magento 2 storefront.

Creating a strong brand image was the first priority as this would form the basis for the re-design of the site. Stripping away clutter we developed a minimal logo and colour scheme, which would help to draw attention to the actual products, while maintaining a memorable, high impact brand.

With the ground work laid out we were able to begin designing various page templates to accommodate the variety of product types available on Catersigns. Starting with a ‘mobile first’ approach we were able to outline the most important elements, stripping away excess to develop the clearest possible user journey. Call to actions (buttons) were scrutinised for highest possible contrast and clarity.

In addition to visual changes we also restructured the menu and product categories to further improve the user experience.

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