The 2022 L’Etape du Tour de France

11:05 | 19/07/22

Our front-end developer, Jordan (pictured in orange and black) recently completed The 2022 L’Etape du Tour de France amongst world-class, semi-professional athletes. This was the 12th stage of Tour de France – a 165.1 km long route through the Alps with an elevation gain of 15,715 ft.

We’re blown away by his performance – Just weeks prior, Jordan had tested positive for Covid, risking his participation in the event altogether. Although he had cleared the virus just before the restriction window, he left for the alps suffering from left-over breathing difficulties and feared having to compromise in the event. On top of these issues, the threat of 38 degrees Celsius conditions added further difficulty.

From all that, Jordan completed the event in the top 3,000. The tournament comprised of 15,000 competitors, 8,000 of which could not complete the circuit – the intense heat being a significant factor.

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